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Hello world!

I now have an author’s website/blog at: http://www.jarmdelboccio.com

I’d love to have you visit! Or, if travel is more your style—

Please head to my functioning blog at http://www.4ambassadorsofchrist.blogspot.com

You will find inspiring posts on travel, the craft of writing, and life in general…if you like what you see, sign up for email, rss or google.



Well, I’m beginning afresh…a new blog as a backup to my Blogger Account.  Which photo should I post…hmmm.  The books?  Yeah, that’s what I am about!

Just in case my “Making the Write Connections” blog is stuck for a few days during the A to Z challenge, I can use this blog as a backup.  All the while seeing if I like the format.

Jarm’s stash of “need-to-reads”


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